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Blast Off to Happiness With Proven Apollo 11 Logic!

Use the Space Program’s Super-simple, Super-Reliable Logic to Achieve Happiness—Now!


On Sunday, July 20, 1969,

… after more than four days and 240,000 miles of space flight, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were only 75 feet above the surface of the Moon looking for a smooth place to land when they heard the transmission from Mission Control in Houston stating: “60 seconds.” Neil and Buzz did not respond. They knew that radio call meant they had only 60 seconds of fuel remaining in order to land on the Moon. And they knew that NASA’s mission rules for safety always boiled down to a clear and easy to understand policy of Just 2 Choices: either “GO” and continue with the mission (landing) or “NoGo”— abort the mission (not land) and climb back up into orbit around the Moon.  But at least for the next 60 seconds, they were still “GO” to land—using a guidance computer that had only 2K of memory. Less memory, for example, than in a toaster oven today.

Only 75 feet to go—

—like being at the 25 yard line with first down and moving ahead to score a touchdown.  Neil and Buzz were ”moving ahead,” descending at 2.5 feet per second. You can do the math. Descending from 75 feet at 2.5 feet per second, they should touch down on the Moon with a whopping 30 seconds of fuel remaining.  BUT—then Houston gave the “30 seconds” radio call—and they still had not touched down.

Meanwhile… back on Earth

… in Houston, the controllers were gulping down air and breathing like Darth Vader as an eternity of 12 seconds of silence passed—until Buzz Aldrin calmly radioed: “40 feet… picking up some dust… 30 feet… contact light…” (i.e., the blue indicator light inside the Lunar Module that turned on when one of the four landing gear footpads touched the lunar surface). Mission Control Trusted their Choices to Change Their LivesBy now, Neil and Buzz clearly had less than 30 seconds to land, while another 16 seconds more ticked by on the clock. On Earth in Mission Control, the controllers’ faces were turning blue from holding their breath. The 30 seconds was up and all were wondering: “Did they run out of fuel?!?!” (No. Up on the Moon, the astronauts were busy shutting down the Lunar Module’s engine.) Apollo 11 Chose to Land on the moon and choose to change their lives forever Then Neil Armstrong broke the silence by calmly transmitting across the vastness of space the eight most memorable words since 1492 when Columbus set foot on the shores of the New World: “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.” The Choice to Stay on the Moon Changed their Lives foreverMission Control erupted with a flood of emotion! But the celebration was short-lived. Back to work—because now they had another Just 2 Choices to think about! Was the lunar surface stable enough for the astronauts, in NASA language, to “Stay” or “NoStay”? Neil Armstrong Chose to Step onto the MoonWith the lunar surface confirmed stable and all of the Eagle’s systems still “Go,” Mission Control made the choice to “Stay” and explore. And approximately six and a half hours later, Neil Armstrong, with great care and precision, stepped down off the Lunar Module’s ladder on to the lunar soil that had been awaiting man’s footsteps for over 4 billion years. As his foot touched the moon dust, Neil spoke his eternally famous words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

And the rest is Apollo 11 history—

To Go is a Choice, Not to Go is a Choice also—and iconic history for all mankind. MOST AMAZING is that this “one giant leap for mankind”—as mind-boggling and complex as it was for a never-been-done-before project—was achieved as a result of the clear-cut, step-by-step process of a simple, nonstop “Go-NoGo” system of thought, all the way from launch to recovery for every space mission.

So, scientifically speaking

… if a simple, step-by-step system of thought can be so comprehensive that it can create “one giant leap for mankind”—guiding astronauts safely to the Moon and back—then perhaps this same simple system of thought can be applied to life on Earth to guide people to creating a “giant leap” in happiness in their lives. In other words, WHAT IF we were to apply this simple “Go-NoGo” system of thought with the consistency of the space program, imagine what we could create in our lives—for just happiness alone! Success because they chose GO! Said another way, what “giant leap” in happiness could we create in our lives if we saw our happiness— like in the diagram above simply as a “Go-NoGo” choice—the choice to either “Be Happy” or “Not Be Happy.”  Sounds like crazy talk?!

No, it’s not crazy talk!

Being able to literally see in a visible format what the space program’s “Go-NoGo” choice system of thought actually looks like is totally real and tangible—because this is what it looks like:To Go is a Choice, Not to Go is a Choice also The three Apollo 11 astronauts followed this “Go-NoGo” system of thought—shown above in a visual format—by choosing the upward-pointing GO arrows on the choice diagram for more than eight days and 480,000 miles, thus allowing them to achieve a super-complex task by using the super-simplicity of Just 2 Choices. Yes, challenges arose where the “NoGo” choice option was looked at very closely—but—the analysis always pointed to the GO direction arrows.

In a similar way

… here’s an easy way to look at this “Go-NoGo” choice logic to make a “giant leap” in our lives with our happiness—instantly! Simply connect the space program’s GO choice direction with our choice that we want to Be Happy. Sounds too simple? Not realistic? Can this be true? Looking for proof? Choose GO to be HappyWell, not only is it true, simple, and realistic, but also here’s the proof. When we connect the space program’s GO choice with our choice to Be Happy we get a literal GO-Be Happy outcome! And that proof looks exactly like this visual format here.  

We can see it

… with our eyes, and we can prove it further by moving our fingers along this visual in the direction to choose either GO-Be Happy—or—to choose NoGo-Not Be Happy, every day of our lives. The key point here is that happiness is first and foremost a choice. Yet we have become used to “skipping over” this fact and then confusing achieving happiness with when we get a THING we desire. Notice, for example, that we often use the phrase, “I’ll be happy WHEN…” (such as when we get a better cell phone, when we finally graduate, or when we whatever). As the choice visual clearly points out—Just 2 Choices—we don’t need a reason to GO-Be Happy. We can simply choose to GO-Be Happy… or choose to NoGo-Not Be Happy. If we make our happiness based on a THING, then we will always be “chasing” happiness. When we make happiness a choice, we can have all the happiness we desire NOW… instead of LATER (when). And that’s another Just 2 Choices: now or later. Whichever of those we choose most often will become our life! Only we can make that choice for ourselves, and no one else. So day in and day out, which will we choose?

A Powerful Choice…

Kennedy Chooses to make the Moon Landing PriorityPresident John F. Kennedy gave the space program and the Apollo 11 Moon landing a powerful link to choice when in September 1962, at Rice University he stated: “We choose to go to the Moon… We choose to go to the Moon in this decade.” Notice President Kennedy did not say things like: “We intend to go to the Moon” or “We are motivated to go to the Moon.” He said, “We choose to…” and with that choice he made an agreement with himself and a Nation. No fluffy words—just a choice… and trillions of choices later on July 20, 1969 that dream became reality. Why? Because that’s how choice works—as predictable and reliable as gravity—in every person’s life! So, why reinvent the wheel? Why not borrow the space program’s simple, yet brilliantly-proven Go-NoGo system of thought—and give it a try in our lives every day?! Simply download this “Choice-Tune-up” tool below, cut it out, and hang it up on the refrigerator, in the car, or on the bathroom mirror to as a steady reminder to always use President Kennedy’s words of “I choose to GO! to live my dreams” and make a “giant leap” in life!  After all…life is all about Just 2 Choices.  GO!

Choose GO! Now and see “One Giant Leap” In Your Happiness – Instantly!

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