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Enjoy the following Choice Videos, and learn how YOU can change YOUR LIFE through the Just 2 Choices philosophy.

Just 2 Choices is about Choice Thinking!

Just 2 Choices Philosophy

Rico explains the Just 2 Choices Philosophy – Choice #1 is to focus on what you want; Choice #2 is to focus on something less than what you want (distractions).  Will you CHOOSE to join the Choice Revolution today?

Choice and the Binary Code

Join Rico Racosky as he explains how the Just 2 Choices  Methodology relates to the technology we use every day, and how we can apply this to our lives and our everyday (Choice) thinking!

Just 2 Choices Harvard Presentation

Rico briefly explains the Just 2 Choices philosophy to Harvard University students in this engaging snippet of his presentation.  It really IS that simple!

Be Choice-Aware

What are the automatic choices you make every day?  Rico explains how to apply the Just 2 Choices methodology in order to achieve your full potential!


Just 2 Choices

Discover how easy it is to live your entire life based on Just 2 Choices—literally. Choice is life, life is choice, and every choice “activates” an new choice experience in your life.

Which choice experiences will you choose to “activate” today?

Join the Choice Revolution

Turn your everyday choices into extraordinary choices and create YOUR extraordinary Choice Life — moment-by-moment!

Start Today: Tell your New Story with the Choice Revolution

The CHOICE REVOLUTION is about learning how to master NEW choices so you can “Tell Your NEW STORY”… and create your NEW and better Life!

When you master your Choices,
you master your Life.
CHOICE is Life—and Life is a CHOICE.

Start Today with Binary Thinking

BINARY THINKING, or “Just 2 Choices®” thinking, is our ancient and primal method of thinking—even our computers the world over operate on BINARY THINKING using 0 and 1—Just 2 Choices.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see how familiar BINARY THINKING (Just 2 Choices thinking) is in your life—it’s everywhere!

Start Today with the History of Choice

Revealed in the Just 2 Choices Methodology

Discover for yourself how, throughout time, Humans have used the”Just 2 Choices®” way of thinking.

About Choice

Every Minute – every Hour – every Day – every Week – There are opportunities for Choice. Start, today, by identifying all the Choices you make, & consciously making those that move you in the direction you desire. #ItsAllaChoice

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