choice university
At first—for all of us—learning something new in life can feel a bit awkward, no matter whether it’s learning to snowboard, play a new sport or musical instrument, skydive, scuba dive, dance, or how to use your new cell phone. On the other hand—as you have already experienced in life many times before—once you practice something a few times, it begins to feel more natural and comfortable as it becomes your “new normal” way of living. That’s the purpose of Choice University—to give you powerful “choice tools” that sharpen your choice making skills—so you can confidently step into making those new, better, and ever-improving choices that will quickly and easily make living your dreams and goals your “new normal” way of life.

Discover how easy it is to live your entire life based on Just 2 Choices—literally. Choice is life, life is choice, and every choice “activates” an new choice experience in your life. Which choice experiences will you choose to “activate”? So feel free to get some fresh “choice ideas” from the simple videos and visuals on the PDFs. The sooner you get started, the sooner you reach your dreams and goals—because all of life and every dream and goal is done “by choice.”

“May the Choice be with you!”

Just 2 Choices—Ch. 11

“Choice is life and life is choice.”

Just 2 Choices—Ch. 1


Keep in mind that individual results will vary due to personal capacity, experience, expertise, eye for decorating, time, project budget and level of dedicated effort, since these factors vary from individual to individual. We are committed to offering you the very best tools possible to allow you to achieve the desired results.