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Rico Racosky

and his Philosophy of Just 2 Choices

Just 2 Choices has its roots in both aviation and art—two of Rico’s favorite subjects as a kid.

Working VERY hard in school, as a youth and young adult, Rico was motivated to move out of his small western Pennsylvania coal mining and steel town, and become either an Artist or an Aviator.  His grades afforded him the opportunity to apply for colleges specializing in each.  An opportunity to fly opened up, and Rico began pursuing his art interests as a hobby.

Fast-forward in life… As a pilot, first for the US Air Force and now for a US major airline, Rico has applied aviation’s step-by-step processes, analytical skills and logic, as well as applied art’s visual layouts to the Just 2 Choices materials, to make learning key information faster so people can say “I get it!” and quickly and immediately apply it to improving the quality of their lives—beginning right here, right now—with their very next choice!

“Not one of us knows what great things we can achieve until we make positive choices to find out for our selves!”
Rico Racosky

Every Moment

As Rico sees it, every moment is a “Just 2 Choices Moment”—a new opportunity to make a new and better choice in life—to turn ORDINARY everyday choices into EXTRAORDINARY choices everyday to live an extraordinary life…choice by choice by choice! It’s a Choice Revolution! Let’s tell our new story!

Enjoying both art and aviation, originally Rico Racosky planned to attend college to study commercial art, but made a last-minute switch to aviation. While still pursuing flying, he continued his interest in the graphic arts by writing, designing, and publishing three fully illustrated, “visual guidebooks” for young people on positive choice and goal setting (elementary school, middle school, and high school): Go Vertical! Life Has No Ceiling; dreams + action = Reality®; and d+a=R™.

In addition, Rico’s spent more than 20 years speaking in schools and youth programs around the USA, sharing the dreams + action = Reality philosophy that “Not one of us knows what great things we can achieve until we take positive action to find out for ourselves.” Growing up in Johnstown, PA, Rico received his undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Science) from the United States Air Force Academy and graduate degree (Masters of Science in Management) from the University of Southern California.

Rico’s professional pilot experiences span a variety of aircraft—from fighters (F-16 and A-7) to transports (C-141 and Boeing 737) to sea planes, gliders, and light airplanes. Formerly a pilot and flight instructor for the US Air Force, Rico is currently flying the Boeing 737 as a Captain for Southwest Airlines. In addition, his aviation experience includes working as a supervisor of aircraft maintenance.

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About Choice

Every Minute – every Hour – every Day – every Week – There are opportunities for Choice. Start, today, by identifying all the Choices you make, & consciously making those that move you in the direction you desire. #ItsAllaChoice

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“Not one of us knows what great things we can achieve until we make positive choices to find out for ourselves!”

Rico Racosky

New Story Guy, Just 2 Choices

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