Rico Racosky is the award-winning author of the #1 Best-Selling book Just 2 Choices. He is also a former F-16 fighter pilot now-commercial airline pilot, patented inventor, speaker and co-host of the Just 2 Choices radio show—dedicated to highlighting ordinary people who committed themselves to making extraordinary choices and in turn have created extraordinary lives. His guests have included legendary Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach, NY Times Best-Selling financial author Robert Kiyosaki, four-time Olympic gold medalist and fastest female swimmer in America Dara Torres, movie creator Dan “Rudy” Ruettiger of the movie RUDY, actress Dee Wallace (star of E.T. and Kujo) and more. Rico contends, and makes it part of his daily experience, that all of life is powered by choice and at the speed of choice—a perspective he recently shared as a “choice expert” at a thought leaders’ forum at Harvard University sponsored by Harvard Business School’s Entrepreneurship Clubs.

Just 2 Choices is a revolutionary, breakthrough thought system that pioneers taking the word choice from being unnoticed, unseen, and overlooked for centuries—to being the crowning jewel of our language. Choice, therefore, is primal to every aspect of life and truly “activates” every action, motivation, success, and happiness. Just 2 Choices pioneers this movement by introducing the visual way of understanding daily choices—far beyond mere words and concepts—to create a Choice Revolution that’s amazingly simple, profoundly practical, yet surprisingly obvious. This is accomplished by revealing the exact Choice Point that awakens instant clarity and direction in life and even business. Choice is life, life is choice—and when you master your choices, you master your life.


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